A lovely creamy bowl – ideally make this the night before and soak the oats in the fridge. This creates a deliciously indulgent breakfast option.

Chocolate Overnight Oats


Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Soak overnight

What’s Good About It?

A super easy breakfast option that can be prepared 2 days in advance if wished. Adding the protein powder is an easy way to increase the overall protein content.



  1. Blend all the ingredients except the oats. Stir in the oats then place in the fridge overnight to thicken.
  2. When ready to serve spoon into bowls and top with fruit, yogurt or additional nuts


Nutrition per serving: 377kcal, Fat 10.6g,  Carbohydrates 44.8g, Protein 22.4g

Did You Know?

You can use any nut or seed butter in this recipe to replace the peanut butter. Instead of the cashew nuts try spooning in a little coconut yogurt or cream.

Serves 2

1 small banana sliced

30g vanilla or chocolate protein powder

3tbsp raw cacao powder to taste

1tbsp wholegrain peanut butter

350ml almond or coconut milk

100g gluten free oats or buckwheat groats