Our 21 Day Programme and Lean & Nourish Club

Nourish Your Body, Manage Your Mindset and Transform Your Health

Our 21 Day Get Lean Programme and Lean & Nourish Club will provide you the tools, techniques and ongoing support to get you into your best health ever.  

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Nourish Your Body, Manage Your Mindset and Transform Your Health

Tried every diet going but haven’t got the results you want? Want to lose weight but no idea where to start? Looking to Improve your health long term, boost energy and vitality? Confused about what to eat? Need help with meal planning? Want a healthy nutrition mindset to stop self-sabotaging your efforts? It’s time to take action

Our Lean and Nourish Club with its 21 Day Get Lean programme is designed to help you control and change your dietary habits and lifestyle to get the results you want. Being successful in improving your body composition and health long term requires a nutritional and lifestyle strategy that is in alignment with your specific goals. Whatever stage you are at, having a clear path to follow is key to both short and long term success.

Optimising your health and wellness is not a destination, it is a journey

Our club is a membership programme that will help you achieve your health goals through sustainable changes and keeping things simple. Whatever stage you are at on your path to wellness we will provide you with the tools, techniques and support to make it happen.

When you sign up you can immediately download the 21 day Get Lean programme which you can start immediately. You will also be invited to join our facebook group where we provide ongoing support, webinars and additional resources to help you achieve your goals. Please note you will also be able to join us for our Detox Weekend (25-27th Sept) which will include a programme to follow plus webinars each day to keep you motivated. 

Where are you right now?

  • You know you want to improve your diet, lose weight and build better health for the long term but you’ve not yet seen results from previous efforts You may have been following a diet or new style of eating and getting some results but there’s still a way to go.
  • Perhaps you’re confused about what you should be eating, what is right for you and you lack confidence in putting what you know into practice.
  • You want feedback on your current eating patterns, not sure whether you are on the right path to reach your goals, perhaps you need help establishing your health goals.
  • You work well with support, with someone keeping you accountable, and you are determined to make your health a priority
  • You love being part of a supportive group and appreciate the value of community and working together towards a common goal.
  • You want simple practical guidance that gets results
  • You are committed to making your health the priority in 2020  

What you can expect from our 21 day programme and club

The Lean & Nourish Club membership is designed for those who want to learn and implement easy actionable nutrition and health advice to transform their health long term, in a supported community. 

You’ll do this through an initial 21 day meal plan to follow, monthly live sessions, ongoing recipe support, access to nutritional resources and a group of like minded people keen to help each other on their journey to optimal health and vitality. You’ll work through the initial 21 day programme with additional resources on hand to help you grow in confidence, developing your skills in creating healthy meals developing a plan that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

The Club will help you transform your health, improve your body composition, develop a healthy mindset when it comes to food and learn how to sustain this for life. The Lean & Nourish Club and 21 day programme will get you results! 

“Thank you so much for the programme. You are such a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of health, fitness, special diets and recipes. You are inspirational sharing your knowledge from experience, and are so friendly and approachable . Looking forward to advancing my health via the Lean and Nourish Club”. Yvonne

I started this plan having tried and failed with gimmicky weight loss plans over the last 20 years, with my weight increasing all the time. Christine’s effortless programme has introduced me to amazing new flavours, quick and easy meals to prepare, encouragement, support and motivation. No question is left unanswered and Christine explains everything in a clear and educative way and I feel so much more informed about what I’m eating, how to plan for the future and how to measure my success. Karen

Christine Bailey has Changed my Life! I have lost 2 stone since February 2020! I was 3 months away from my 50th Birthday and at 13 stone 8 pounds, I was overweight, tired, and not loving myself. Desperate, another nutritionist, suggested I should try Christine’s approach. I went all in, followed it to a T and it worked. Now I am feeling fabulous, full of energy and have found so much more confidence in my own skin Natasha

    Build Better Dietary habits – forget fad diets, starving yourself or confusing advice focus on nourishing wholefoods tailored to your goals. Practical support with nourishing recipes, meal planning, shopping lists and advice on what to cook for your health goals.         




Develop a Nutrition Mindset – take control of your mental and emotional world to build better habits long term. Develop strategies to minimise stress and anxiety, sleep better and rebalance your body.      

Nourish for Life –Focus on evidence based nutrition advice that’s easy to follow. If you are confused or overwhelmed by all the information out there we are here to provide clarify. Learn how to eat for your long term health whatever your age or health needs      


Getting your foundations right, putting the basics in place will result in long term success. If you’re ready to learn how to achieve your health goals, invest in yourself, then we’re here to make it easier for you.

‘This is not just about losing weight, it’s about making long term changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset to get into the best physical and mental shape of your life. Focusing on these things, making simple but effective changes to your daily habits and developing a healthy mindset are the key to results that last!’

On joining the club you get access to our 21 day Get Lean programme to kick start your journey. You will then be invited to our closed facebook community and be able to access ongoing resources to support you on your path to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

  • Meal plans, shopping lists and nourishing recipes to save you time and effort in the kitchen
  • Monthly live sessions with group support and accountability to help keep you on track
  • Weekly emails for tips, recipes of the week and more
  • A private members’ forum for extra motivation, inspiration and additional nutrition advice
  • Information articles and videos on nutrition, a healthy mindset, health and fitness 

We will also be running an online detox weekend (25-27th Sept) which you will be able to join – nearer the time you will be sent our detox programme, plan and recipes and details of the webinars over the weekend to keep you inspired and motivated. The detox programme is included in your payment below. 

Please note this is a subscription club – access to the resources is only available to members. You are free to cancel your ongoing subscription payment at any time. Simply access your members account and cancel. 

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