Want to give your body a makeover from the inside out?  Then join our FREE 3 day Juice & Smoothie Programme starting Friday 27th July – Sunday 29th July.

Our 3 Day, Juice & Smoothie programme is designed to help you kick start a healthier diet and lifestyle by providing you with a range of delicious juice and smoothie recipes to energise and cleanse your body.

Once you start fueling your body with delicious juices and smoothies packed with fresh veggies and fruit, you’ll see results in how you look and feel. Following such a programme can help you lose a few pounds, improve the appearance of your skin and boost energy. By giving the digestive system a rest many people also find ongoing digestive issues improve.

This July we are running a FREE 3 day Juice & Smoothie Programme. All you need to do is sign up below and nearer the time you will be sent the programme which includes recipes, shopping list and programme to follow.

There is also an opportunity to WIN too –  If you take part in the programme and post pictures of your juices on instagram, twitter and facebook with #christinembailey you will also be entered into our competition to win a copy of my Supercharged Juice & Smoothie Book plus a box of Sun chlorella tablets.

Our programme is completely FREE – ARE YOU IN?


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