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Coeliac Disease – Should You Stop Eating Gluten?

It may be a staple in the Western diet but gluten can cause serious health complications for many people. The most serious immune reaction to gluten, coeliac disease, affects one in 100 people, most of who don’t know they have it. As a coeliac myself and a specialist in digestive health and autoimmune conditions, I … Read more

Eat to Beat Seasonal Allergies

The onset of Spring brings with it seasonal allergies. For many people grass, mould and flower pollen results in an onslaught of allergy symptoms including sneezing, coughing, and itching. But before you resort to over the counter medications and anti-histamines, the good news is that natural allergy relief can be found in your kitchen. Many … Read more


Christine is an award winning Nutritional Therapist, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Chef, Author and Broadcaster with over 18 years of experience.

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