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Our Lean and Nourish Club is designed to help you transform your health, nutrition, body composition and mindset for the long term. Ditch the lockdown weight with our Kick Start Plan and get exclusive access to nutrition webinars, additional meal plans, recipes, blogs and our facebook community for ongoing  support and inspiration.
Christine Bailey (MSc BSc Nutrition, PGCE) is an award winning registered nutritionist (BANT) and leading healthy eating expert. Author of over 16 recipe and health books Christine has a reputation for transforming people’s health and love of real food.
Trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and with over 20 years of experience in the health, food and fitness industry Christine is regularly sought after for her expertise. 
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Building Healthy Habits for Long Term Success

Have you ever looked envious at someone who always seems to show up to the gym, gets in their daily run or eats healthy all the time.  We know that if we want to get into shape we need to move more, lift weights, eat the right number of calories and protein.  So why does … Read more

Lectins – when food may not be your friend

Lectins are one of the most significant sources of food sensitivity yet are often overlooked. If you are struggling with ongoing digestive issues or autoimmune flare ups then you may wish to consider whether lectins are a problem for you. What are Lectins? Lectins are a diverse family of protein molecules that plants evolved to … Read more


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Looking to learn more about your health and nutrition? As part of our Lean and Nourish Club you can exclusive access to LIVE nutrition webinars via our facebook page. These are also recorded for access to members.

New EBook: Gluten Free Bread Recipes

32 Delicious and easy gluten free breads, rolls, bagels, pizzas and more.

Following a gluten free diet can sometimes feel like you are missing out. This is particularly true when it comes to bread. If you hanker after light, fluffy and flavoursome bread, this is the eBook you have been longing for.