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Functional Nutrition Practitioner (IFM)

Graduate IFM Head to Toe 2014


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Protein Powders: Everything You Need to Know

Protein powders are a common staple in many athletes’ training programmes and gaining in popularity in our fast paced modern lifestyle. But if you feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the products available here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

There are a huge array of protein powders lining the shelves of health food stores. While there is no doubt that protein provided by high quality powders can provide the amino acids for cell receptors, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, muscle tissue and so on – don’t be fooled into ... Read More

Gluten Free Vegan Baking Tips: Christine’s Solutions

Baking can be tricky if you are not only trying to avoid gluten grains but also dairy and eggs.  Fear not I have developed a number of easy solutions to keep your bakes healthy and tasty.


Avoiding dairy is actually not that difficult. There are so many dairy free products now available. Instead of milk you can use almond milk or coconut milk.  Rather than yogurt switch to coconut yogurt (CO YO is a great brand if you’re not making it yourself).  To make your own vegan buttermilk try coconut kefir or simply ... Read More

Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Fat

It used to be thought that the way to long- term health was to eat as little fat as possible. But we now know this way of eating can have a catastrophic effect, promoting degenerative conditions rather than improving them, and also causing hunger pangs that lead to weight gain.

The main problem with low-fat diets is that they lack the special types of fat that are crucial for good health because of their anti- inflammatory and cardio- and cancer-protective effects. These are the omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs), and also the omega 9 monounsaturated fats (MUFAs). The ... Read More

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Coeliac Disease – Should You Stop Eating Wheat?

For many people gluten is bad news. Previously it was thought that only a few people had a problem with gluten. However over the last couple of decades research has revealed gluten can have a profound effect on our health – and is not just restricted to those with coeliac disease. In this first post of a series I will give an overview of coeliac disease and its signs and symptoms. In future posts I will discuss testing, supplements, gut healing and dietary changes to consider.

What is Coeliac Disease (CD)?

Coeliac disease is an ... Read More

Chester Holland & Barrett opening. Picture by Dave Thompson/Route One Photography - 07711 459404

Great News for Allergy Free Customers – Holland & Barret More Stores

Great news for anyone suffering with allergies – Holland & Barrett have just launched their first UK superstore in Chester, Holland & Barrett More

Oh what joy for me – I was thrilled to be invited to the opening of the Chester store on 23rd April and I was not disappointed.  This new concept store is huge – in fact 5,490 sq ft which provides a lot of space for great Free From food.  For someone like me with allergies as well as catering for my children who also need to avoid certain foods (gluten, dairy, eggs) this was like ... Read More

The Free From Winners 2015

Wednesday 22nd April was a night to remember for the Free From community.  It is one of the highlights in the Free From calender – this is the evening we find out who the winners are in the FreeFrom Food Awards and most of all, who won the much coveted title of FreeFrom Food Awards overall winner. Held at the Royal College of Physicians it is a wonderful event and a great celebration of all things delicious and free from.

Being a judge and organiser of the children’s category I absolutely love the awards night. Spending an evening with great friends in the Free From ... Read More