Christine Bailey, leading nutritional expert, chef and author tells us
all about superfoods,how to take them and which particular superfoods she finds the most effective.

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Functional Nutrition Practitioner (IFM)

Graduate IFM Head to Toe 2014


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The Free From Winners 2015

Wednesday 22nd April was a night to remember for the Free From community.  It is one of the highlights in the Free From calender – this is the evening we find out who the winners are in the FreeFrom Food Awards and most of all, who won the much coveted title of FreeFrom Food Awards overall winner. Held at the Royal College of Physicians it is a wonderful event and a great celebration of all things delicious and free from.

Being a judge and organiser of the children’s category I absolutely love the awards night. Spending an evening with great friends in the Free From ... Read More


WIN CO YO Goodies with our FACEBOOK competition

Fancy winning some delicious goodies from CO YO?  Then enter our facebook competition.

Whether you’re following a dairy free diet or not you’ll love CO YO coconut yogurt.  Vegan and absolutely delicious CO YO coconut yogurt is rich and creamy and incredibly satisfying.  From a health perspective it is also low in carbohydrates and does not contain any added sugars.  A popular choice for adults and children alike it is smooth and creamy ... Read More

Natural Energy Boosters

Struggling to find enough energy to see you through the day? Here are some great natural energy solutions to boost your vitality

We all feel tired from time to time, but if you’re suffering from a constant energy crisis, waking up groggy in the mornings then it’s time to take action. Bouts of low energy are often due to a poor diet, stress, over-training and lack of quality sleep. If you find you are constantly running out of steam then take a look at your diet, incorporate some top energy foods and nutrients to give your body the ... Read More

Why I Love Kefir: My road to health and gut healing

Fermented foods are a big part of my diet and my family’s diet. As someone who has undergone two life saving bowel operations, diagnosed with coeliac disease and suffered with past parasitic infections fermented foods and other nutritional interventions have been crucial in healing my gut and restoring my health. I now experience true health and healing and it is for this reason I am so passionate about the role of food in restoring health and vitality.  Healing the gut is the first crucial step towards long term health and healthy ageing. This is particularly true when it comes to ... Read More

women with running shoes email

Marathon / Half Marathon Race Day Nutrition – How to Get it Right

Race day has arrived. After all that hard training and preparation make sure you get your nutrition right.

Many of you may know I love to exercise and in particular I am a keen runner. Not only have I run several half marathons but I support many athletes and sporty clients providing nutritional advice to help them optimise performance.  Race day nutrition and recovery nutrition is vitally important if you want to perform at your optimum and ensure a speedy recovery after your race.

Pre Race Breakfast

Probably one of the most ... Read More

Ditch the Diet – It’s Time to Eat Mindfully

What’s your relationship with food like?

Most of us are aware of the impact the right or wrong food choice can have on our energy levels, mood and overall health. While nutritional advice may be confusing at times there is plenty of research to demonstrate the impact eating the right foods can have in promoting health.

So why is it that many people make food choices that are not only damaging to their body but also their emotional wellbeing too? Why do many of us overeat, graze and pick at food even when we are not hungry or reach for the chocolate bar when ... Read More