Christine Bailey, leading nutritional expert, chef and author tells us
all about superfoods,how to take them and which particular superfoods she finds the most effective.

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Functional Nutrition Practitioner (IFM)

Graduate IFM Head to Toe 2014


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The Free From Awards 2015 – the Children’s Verdict

The last couple of weeks have been a busy time for us with the start of the Free From Food Awards.  This has to be one of the highlights of my year. I have been involved in the judging for around five years and every year I am thrilled to see new, innovative products suitable for multiple allergies.  I am particularly keen on nutritious offerings – so many people with allergies struggle with getting optimum nutrients – so the more nourishing the products the better.

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Is Coffee Healthy?

In one of my recent books Eat to Get Younger we discuss the research surrounding coffee. There is much debate about the potential health benefits of drinking coffee. While there is clearly scientific research to suggest that coffee can be beneficial when it’s well tolerated, for many people coffee unfortunately is not always tolerated. From a paleo perspective it is clearly not a traditional food. Coffee is likely to have only been around for the past 10,000 years or even less and therefore we do not have a long history of being adapted it.

Bulletproof Coffee

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Broadcaster and Author

I have published over 11 recipe and health books and have worked for many Broadcasters and film companies. A regular writer for many health and fitness magazines, blogger and spokeperson, communicating on all areas of health, nutrition and food.

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Functional Nutrition Clinics

Nutritional Clinics

Nutritional Clinics in Harley Street and Berkshire and onsite corporate clinics and online services. A degree qualified nutritional therapist with training by the Institute of Functional Medicine. I see clients for a wide range of health conditions. Specialisms include healthy aging, sports nutrition, autoimmune and digestive disorders.

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chopping healthy ingredients

Nourish Cookery Days

I am passionate about inspiring others to optimise their health through nourishing foods. I run a wealth of cookery days, demonstrations and workshops through the Country including Hands On Days for Children. Find out about my latest cookery days.

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